This device driver controls an SD memory card through an SD host interface (SDHI) which is embedded in a microcontroller. The driver consists of a group of library functions for access to SD memory cards. In combination with software to handle the file system, data on a card can be updated or read out by calling the API functions of the driver.


  • Compact software configuration based on the combination with file system.
  • It supports to the SD memory card from 4MB to 2TB.
  • The software transfer or the DMA transfer can be selected as the data transfer method.
  • The CPU dependence part is separated as the target CPU interface function.
  • High-Speed card support.
  • High-Capacity card support.
  • eXtended-Capacity card suppor.
  • Memory-saving configuration.

You will require a license if you intend to develop a system with SD cards. Please contact the SD Association to obtain the license.


Application Configuration

Application configuration

Target Device & Product Lineup

Target Device Part Number
(Ordering Number)
SH7263 R0M7263DS0000RRC Available
SH7265 R0M7265DS0000RRC Available
SH7264/SH7262 R0M7264DS0000RRC Available
SH7266/SH7267 R0M7266DS0000RRC Available
SH7268/SH7269 R0M7269DS0000RRC Available
SH726A/SH726B R0M726ADS0000RRC Available

Contract Required

A contract is required for mass-production after developing products in which this driver is embedded. The contract confers a license to produce products in which this driver is embedded on the customer and incurs a fee. Note that we will check if you meet our conditions before supplying the driver.

How to Obtain

To place an order for the product, contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor and let them know the above orderable part number.


Related Software

The driver can be used with an SD memory card in combination with one of the following FAT file system software libraries.

Name of the software Characteristics
R0M02A0FF0010RRC Support for VFAT (long file names)

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