Narrow VDC Regulator/Charger with SMBus Interface Evaluation Board for Input >7V


The ISL9519TQFNEVAL2Z evaluation board is used to evaluate the ISL9519 narrow VDC regulator/charger with SMBus interface. The ISL9519 is a highly integrated battery charger controller for Li-ion/Li-ion polymer batteries with SMBus interface controlling system voltage, charge current and input current limiting. The evaluation board includes a USB to SMBus interface to allow users to control the ISL9519 from a personal computer.

ISL9519TQFNEVAL2Z is designed for input voltages below 7V (i.e., 5V input) but has protection from input voltage up to 22V. It differs from the design for input voltages >7V (ISL9519EVAL1Z) in three ways. ISL9519TQFNEVAL2Z drives both input PFETs with AGATE to turn both on when adapter voltage is high. ISL9519EVAL1Z drives SGATE on only when input current is >300mA. ISL9519TQFNEVAL2Z has a circuit that connects input voltage to VDD when the input is less than 5.2V to bypass the internal LDO. ISL9519TQFNEVAL2Z has a zener to protect ADET from voltages >7V absolute maximum if the input voltage is >9.5V.

ISL9519 Key Features

  • ±0.5% system voltage accuracy (-10 °C to +100 °C)
  • ±3% accurate input current limit (-10 °C to +100 °C)
  • ±3% accurate battery charge current limit
  • Variable switching frequency at light load conditions for higher efficiency
  • Fixed frequency operation at higher loads
  • Trickle charge system for deeply discharged batteries
  • SMBus 2-wire serial interface
  • Default system voltage values for 1-cell, 2-cell or 3-cell operation selected by an external pin
  • Adapter in-rush FET control
  • Adapter isolation FET control
  • Battery short circuit protection
  • Fast system-load transient response
  • Monitor outputs
  • 11-bit max system voltage setting
  • 7-bit min system voltage setting
  • 6-bit charge current setting: Over 8A battery charger current
  • 6-bit adapter current setting: Over 8A adapter current
  • +4.5V to +22V adapter voltage range


  • Notebook computers
  • Tablet PCs
  • Portable equipment with rechargeable batteries

ISL9519TQFNEVAL2Z Narrow VDC Regulator/Charger Eval Board

ISL9519TQFNEVAL2Z Evaluation Board

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