The Renesas RZ Family of high-end Arm-based microprocessors (MPUs) enables the solutions required for the smart society of the future. Through a variety of Arm® Cortex®-A7, A9, A15, and R4-based devices, engineers can easily implement high-resolution human machine interfaces (HMI), embedded vision, and real-time industrial ethernet connectivity.

Family Lineup

RZ Family


The high-performance RZ/A Series MPUs retain the ease-of-use of Renesas microcontrollers (MCUs), while combining Renesas' proprietary technologies and the Arm® ecosystem. RZ/A devices offer up to 10 MB of on-chip SRAM, which can buffer up-to WXGA resolution graphics without the need for external SDRAM. This capability is married with the device’s ability to execute code in-place (XIP) from QSPI flash, which greatly simplifies board design. Coupled with its high-bandwidth 128-bit wide parallel data bus, the RZ/A supports faster graphics, digital audio signal processing, device control, and more.

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RZ/A2M 0 4096 256-324 3-3.6 528 HMI
RZ/A1H 0 10240 256-324 3-3.6 400 HMI
RZ/A1M 0 5120 256-324 3-3.6 400 HMI
RZ/A1LU 0 3072 176-233 3-3.6 400 HMI
RZ/A1L 0 3072 176-208 3-3.6 400 HMI
RZ/A1LC 0 2048 176 3-3.6 400 HMI


RZ/G Series MPUs extends the capabilities of RZ/A Series to deliver high-end performance for graphics, multi-stream video, and embedded vision thanks to features like camera input, 3D graphics accelerators, Full HD video codec, and GbE. Renesas also offers the RZ/G Linux platform, which is a user-friendly software development environment for customers who wish to lower the barriers and cost of Linux adoption and maintenance. The RZ/G Linux Platform enables super-long-term Civil Infrastructure (CIP) Linux support in an industrial grade verified Linux package, which complements Renesas’ high quality silicon.

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RZ/G1C 0 332 501 - 1000 HMI
RZ/G1E 0 332 501 - 1000 HMI
RZ/G1N 0 332 831 - 1500 HMI
RZ/G1M 0 332 831 - 1500 HMI
RZ/G1H 0 332 831 - 1400 HMI


The second products in the RZ Family. These high-end controllers leverage tightly-coupled memory to achieve high speed and high responsivity, and also support multi-protocol industrial Ethernet communications.

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RZ/T1 0 544-1568 176-320 3-3.6 600 High-speed Real-time control


RZ/N Series is a family of scalable and performant Arm® based communication devices that support multiple Industrial Ethernet protocols. An API towards the application software makes the communication software transparent and lets developers focus on what they know best - solving customers’ problems.

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RZ/N1D 0 2048 324-400 3-3.6 500 Industrial Network
RZ/N1L 0 6144 196 3-3.6 125 Industrial Network
RZ/N1S 0 6144 196-324 3-3.6 500 Industrial Network

Road Map

Development Environment for the Renesas RZ Family MPUs

Optimal solutions for human machine interface (HMI) and system control that fuse Renesas' microprocessor experience with the global ecosystem of Arm® partners.

[Topics] RZ/A Startup

The new Renesas RZ/A Software Package simplifies and accelerates camera-GUI-display implementations for Human Machine Interfaces.