The RH850 is Renesas Electronics' latest automotive micro-controller family that offers high performance balanced with very low power consumption over a wide and scalable range of products. This family offers rich functional safety and embedded security features needed for new and advanced automotive applications.

The RH850 family is offered in a Renesas 40nm process, an industry first, and offers tremendous capability and features as cost-effective pricing. The family offers a range of CPU core structures (single, multiple, lock-step and combination thereof) to support high performance and/or high reliability requirements.

Family Lineup

RH850 Family (차량용)


The RH850/C1x microcontrollers have Resolver/Digital (RDC), Enhanced Motor Control (EMU) unit making this product suitable for motor control for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV).

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RH850/C1H 4096 240 252 3-5 240 Dual Core
RH850/C1M 2048 128 144 3-5 240 Single Core


The RH850/D1x microcontroller provides the biggest MCU lineup for various instrument cluster segments, covering simple gauge cluster up to large TFTs. It integrates many features to build exciting HMIs at affordable cost.

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RH850/D1L 2048-4096 256-512 144-176 2.7-5.5 120 HMI
RH850/D1M 3840-5120 512 176-484 2.7-5.5 240 HMI


RH850/E2x microcontrollers are ideal for powertrain applications, have high operation processing performance for realizing new combustion systems for fuel-efficient engines, and built-in hardware for knock control such as a successive approximation A/D converter, delta-sigma A/D converter, cyclic A/D converter, Digital Filter Engine (DFE), and Advanced Timer Unit (ATU-V), and engine control such as fuel injection control.

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RH850/E2M - - - - - -


The RH850/F1x series microcontrollers are successor of V850E2/Fx4 and V850E2/Fx4-L. It expands on-chip flash memory and adds a small 48-pin package.

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RH850/F1H - - - - - -
RH850/F1L 256-2048 32-192 48-176 3-5.5 96 Auto Body


The RH850/P1x microcontroller is low power consumption and it has enhanced motor control timer, CAN interface, digital interface for sensor such as SENT and PSI5 and safety functions such as lockstep CPU, ECC, BIST (Built-in Self Test) and ECM (Error Control Module) and suitable for chassis systems. Furthermore ICU-S (Hardware Security Module) is built-in as optional.

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RH850/P1H-C 4096-8192 1088 292 3-3.6 240 Chassis systems
RH850/P1M-C 2048 448 144-292 3-3.6 240 Chassis systems
RH850/P1M 512-2048 64-128 100-144 3-5.5 160 Chassis systems
RH850/P1L-C 512-1024 64-100 144 3-5.5 120 Chassis systems
RH850/P1M-E 1024-2048 192 100-144 3-5.5 160 Chassis systems


New Product released in 2020

그룹 Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz) 특징
RH850/U2A16 - - - - - -

Road Map


RH850 Family Features

Solutions for implementing the latest functional safety and security technologies optimally and easily in your system.

Development Environment for the Renesas RH850 Family MCUs

Renesas offers development environment which improves "reliability and performance of products" and "efficiency of development".