32Mb Advanced LPSRAM (2M word × 16bit / 4M word x 8bit)

Renesas is the worldwide #1 Low Power SRAM supplier with a full lineup and well balanced long term support. High density and high performance RAMs using Renesas's original technology, for example the Advanced LPSRAM new memory cell concept are offered.

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Product Status: Mass Production
PLP (Refer to Orderable Parts)


The RMLV3216A Series is a family of 32-Mbit static RAMs organized 2,097,152-word × 16-bit, fabricated by Renesas’s high-performance Advanced LPSRAM technologies. The RMLV3216A Series has realized higher density,higher performance and low power consumption. The RMLV3216A Series offers low power standby power dissipation;therefore, it is suitable for battery backup systems. It is offered in 48pin TSOP (I), 52pin TSOP (II) or 48-ball fine pitch ball grid array.


    • Single 3V supply: 2.7V to 3.6V
    • Access time: 55ns (max.)
    • Current consumption:
      Standby: 0.6µA (typ.)
    • Common data input and output
      Three state output
    • Directly TTL compatible
      All inputs and outputs
    • Battery backup operation


Basic Information
Production Status
Mass Production
PLP (Refer to Orderable Parts)
Memory capacity (Mbit)
Organization (bit)
x 8 / x 16
Package Type
Access time (ns)
Supply voltage (V)
2.7 to 3.6
Operating temperature (°C)
-40 to 85
PLP termination: Mar., 2031 (planned)

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