We can provide design service and solution with excellent design technique for FPGA and LSI. Our service and solution have following strength.

  • Many experience of FPGA/LSI design applied to actual products.
  • IP implementation specification consideration and digital logic design corresponding to product specification.
  • Logic verification with many experience, technique and knowledge.


Consulting, Design support, FPGA support, Software support




  • Supported business and actual results
    We have experiences of IP integration applied to R-Car/SH/RX series. We can provide architecture design proposal optimized performance and costs with experience so far.
  • IP integration service
    We can provide design services taking advantage of technique and knowledge for following IPs.
  • Digital IP: CAN/SPI/I2C/SCI
    Interface IP: Ethernet AVB, etc
  • Total system solution
    We can provide best system solution corresponding to system requirement. We can take advantage of the experience total design service through FPGA, board, and software development.
  • Partnership
    We are member of design solution network as Intel FPGA partner program. We can get following Intel’s premier support that can accelerate to our customer’s support.
    • Early access to FPGA load map, development board, IPs, FPGA promotion
    • Preferential technical and promotion support.
    We can develop FPGA with latest technique.


Contact https://www8.hitachi.co.jp/inquiry/hitachi-solutions-tech/products/jp/form.jsp
URL https://www.hitachi-solutions-tech.co.jp/embedded/solution/fpga.html