Dual 14-Bit, 200MSPS JESD204B High Speed Serial Output ADC

Product Status: Mass Production


The ISLA224S is a series of low-power, high-performance, dual-channel 14-bit, analog-to-digital converters. Designed with FemtoCharge™ technology on a standard CMOS process, the series supports sampling rates of up to 250MSPS. The ISLA224S is part of a pin-compatible family of 12- and 14-bit dual-channel A/Ds with maximum sample rates ranging from 125MSPS to 250MSPS and shares the same analog core as Intersil's proven ISLA224P series of ADCs. The family minimizes power consumption while providing state-of-the art dynamic performance, offering an optimal performance-vspower trade-off.

Differentiating the ISLA224S from the ISLA224P is its highly configurable, JESD204B-compliant, high speed serial output link. The link offers data rates up to 4.375Gbps per lane and multiple packing modes. It can be configured to use two or three lanes to transmit the conversion data, allowing for flexibility in the receiver design. The SERDES transmitter also provides deterministic latency and multi-chip time alignment support to satisfy an application's complex synchronization requirements.

A serial peripheral interface (SPI) port allows for extensive configurability of the JESD204B transmitter including access to its built-in link and transport-layer test patterns. The SPI port also provides control for numerous additional features including the fine gain and offset adjustments of the two ADC cores as well as the programmable clock divider, enabling 2x and 4x harmonic clocking.

The ISLA224S is available in a space-saving 7mmx7mm 48 Ld QFN package. The package features a thermal pad for improved thermal performance and is specified over the full industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).


  • JESD204A/B High Speed Data Interface
  • JESD204A Compliant
  • JESD204B Device Subclass 0 Compliant
  • JESD204B Device Subclass 2 Compatible
  • Up to 3 JESD204 Output Lanes Running up to 4.375Gbps
  • Highly Configurable JESD204 Transmitter
  • Multiple Chip Time Alignment and Deterministic Latency Support (JESD204B Device Subclass 2)
  • SPI Programmable Debugging Features and Test Patterns
  • 48-pin QFN 7mmx7mm Package


Basic Information
Production Status
Mass Production
# of Devices/ Channels
Resolution Bits
Max Conversion Rate MSPS
SNR (dbFS)
Power Consumption (mW)
Output Interface
JESD204B High Speed Serial
Integral NonLinearity LSB
Differential NonLinearity LSB
Analog Supply Voltage V
Digital Supply Voltage V
Qualification Level
Temperature Range
-40 to +85

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