The concept of battery-less energy harvesting remote control is to create an extremely low power remote control that is compatible with the majority of existing systems. The built-in energy harvesting control circuit enables equipment to operate from energy harvesting power sources with only weak ambient energy. The RE01B microcontroller family is equipped with a powerful 32-bit CPU with extremely low power, an energy harvesting controller and Bluetooth® 5.0 (BT5.0).

System Benefits​:

  • RE01B is a BT5.0 single device with an ultra-low power Arm® Cortex®-M0+ CPU and large size memory. The RE01B enables battery-less Bluetooth communication by charging the super capacitor with the built-in energy harvest circuit. The built-in MCU can start at only 5µA supply and start operating with ultra-low power.
  • The HS3001 is a highly-accurate, fully-calibrated relative humidity and temperature sensor with high accuracy, fast measurement response time, long-term stability, and a small package size.

Target Applications:

  • Remote control
Energy Harvest Remote Controller
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RE01 MCU-based Energy Harvest Remote Controller

The built-in energy harvest control circuit in the RE01 MCU enables the equipment to operate with the energy harvested from ambient energy. The remote controller demo board can be operated properly by using small silicon solar cells (126µW) and a 1000µF capacitor to power the whole system. This demo can be used to remotely control a DVD player, as well as monitor the temperature and humidity with the HS3001 sensor. The capacitor voltage is charged using the built-in energy harvest controller (EHC) circuit in the RE01 MCU and can be observed in real-time on a GUI.

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