Renesas resolver solutions enable motor drive units such as the scanner unit, scanner paper feed unit and print paper feed unit of multifunction printers, electric slider, the banknote feeder and change feeder of cash machines, and stage unit of industrial microscopes. 

This solution consists of a 2-phase stepping motor control MCU, 2-phase stepping motor with resolver, resolver digital converter, motor driver, and power supply IC for motor and control circuits.

System Benefits​

  • Realize no step-out by servo control with resolver position information. Enable no step-out margin, maximizing motor torque, downsizing motor (56□→42□) and reducing BOM cost by reducing the gear (speed reducer).
  • Realize low noise and low vibration by servo control with torque ripple reduction. Reduce BOM cost by reducing damper and downsize the system.
  • Reduce power consumption by controlling the torque with the minimum current required. Reduce the cooling system and BOM cost by reducing the heat generation of the motor.
  • Reduce BOM cost by replacing the optical encoder.

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