The ISL71934MEVAL1Z evaluation board provides a quick and easy method for evaluating the ISL71934M radiation tolerant SP2T RF switch. All aspects of the switch can be exercised on the evaluation board.

The ISL71934M is a high reliability, low insertion loss, 50Ω SP2T absorptive RF switch designed for a multitude of wireless and other RF applications. This device covers a broad frequency range from 50MHz to 6000MHz. In addition to providing low insertion loss, the ISL71934M delivers high linearity and high isolation performance while providing a 50Ω termination to the unused RF input port. The ISL71934M uses a single positive supply voltage of 2.7V to 5.25V supporting three states using either 3.3V or 1.8V control logic.


  • Low insertion loss: 0.79dB (at 2GHz)
  • High isolation: 67dB (at 2GHz)
  • Constant impedance during switching


  • Satellite communications system
  • Antenna switching
  • IF switching
  • Digital pre-distortion feedback


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