The R9A02G011 is a USB Power Delivery Controller that is based on the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Power Delivery Specification Revision 3.0 and USB Type-C™ Cable and Connecter Specification Revision 2.0. The R9A02G011 performs negotiation for more current and/or higher voltages over the USB cable (VBUS) than are defined in the USB2.0, USB3.0 or BC1.2 specifications, and controls circuitry to select local power source or power sink. The R9A02G011 uses a 300kbps BMC modulated signal through the CC wire in the USB Type-C™ cable. It comes in two types of package, 32-pin QFN for easy implementation, and 42-pin BGA for reducing space, so that it can choose according to the application and PCB space. In addition, the R9A02G011 incorporates Renesas' low-power technologies.


  • Compliant with USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 3.0 and USB Type-C™ Cable and Connector Specification Revision 2.0.
    • Certified by USB Implementers Forum: TID= 64651080009 (Silicon), 1020074 (E-marker)
    • Supports IEC63002
    • Supports up to 260 bytes data transfer
    • Supports Dual Role operation and Role Swap protocol
    • Supports Dead Battery operation
    • Supports Programmable Power Supply
    • Supports alternate mode and electronically marked cables
    • Supports all USB Type-C™ Connection State Diagrams for USB Type-C™ port control
  • Single Power Supply with wide voltage range
    • 3.0V to 5.5V (R9A02G011GNP)
    • 2.7V to 5.5V (R9A02G011GBG)
  • Integrated CC-PHY and CC-logic
  • On-chip Flash ROM
  • On-chip Oscillator
  • On-chip Power-On-Reset (POR) circuit
  • Supports SMBus Master and Slave interfaces
  • Suitable for Energy Star and EuP specifications for low-power PC peripheral systems
  • Selectable two types of package according to the application and board space
    • 32pin QFN (5mm x 5mm)
    • 42pin BGA (3.6mm x 3.1mm)


  • USB outlet, Portable Charger/Power Bank
  • AC Adapter, USB PD Hub, PC
  • Mobile Device (Smartphone, Tablet), Docking Station
  • PC Peripheral Device (Monitor, Printer, Router, External HDD)
  • Home Electronics (DTV, STB, Home Gateway)
  • POS, Measuring instrument
  • USB Type-C™ Cablet, etc.


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star R9A02G011 Data Sheet 数据手册 PDF 652 KB
R9A02G011 / R9J02G012 Flash memory Programming Guide 应用文档 PDF 1.07 MB
R9A02G011/R9J02G012 Using SMBus Slave Interface 应用文档 PDF 471 KB
R9A02G011 / R9J02G012 Firmware development guide for USB Type-C™ Authentication (R19AN0061EJ0200) 应用文档 PDF 2.13 MB
R5H30313XB08 for USB Type-C™ Authentication Data Sheet 数据手册 PDF 396 KB
Power Delivery Controller R9A02G011" Pamphlet" 日本語 传单 PDF 91 KB
R9A02G011 User's Manual: Hardware 手册 - 硬件 PDF 1.20 MB
[Notes] Renesas Flash Programmer 日本語 Tool News - Note PDF 29 KB



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This product uses SuperFlash(R) technology licensed from Silicon Storage Technology, inc. SuperFlash(R) is a registered trademark of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. in several countries including the United States and Japan.