Equipped with 32-bit microcomputer RX family flagship RX72N, in addition to GUI creation using LCD, HMI development such as voice input/output, and IoT device development using Wi-Fi/BLE, Ethernet, etc. Aggregated into. By installing a pre-installed demo and emulator circuit, you can experience immediately and develop immediately.

Demo Firmware

The pre-installed firmware update feature allows updates by writing this firmware to a microSD card. In addition, the latest version of the firmware and source code are published on the following Github site.


  • Equipped with a 32-bit RX72N microcontroller (maximum operating frequency: 240 MHz, code flash memory: 4MB, internal RAM: 1MB)
  • Includes a WQVGA LCD with a capacitive touch panel allowing GUI development using an LCD controller and a 2D drawing engine
  • Provides a D2Audio audio IC with a stereo MEMS microphone to support voice input and output
  • Supports communications such as Wi-Fi/BLE and Ethernet
  • Extended storage available using Macronix's 32Mbit serial flash with USB and microSD slots
  • Includes a variety of Renesas analog devices, such as light sensors, regulators, clock generators, hot-swap power management ICs and LCD backlight drivers
  • Equipped with an onboard E2 Lite emulator
  • The pre-installed demo includes source code, schematics, BOM, and more downloadable from this website
  • RX72N users can use the emWin GUI software package provided by Segger at no cost.
  • Download the free Eclipse-based development environment here
  • Two types of demo software using RX72N features are pre-installed
  • Standard demo:
    The standard included demo is a sports game called Eyecatcher, highlighting the type of display that can be developed using the free emWin GUI tool and RX72N LCD display functions.
  • Benchmark demo:
    A firmware update function is installed, and you can add features such as storage, cryptographic throughput, and AWS integration by updating to the latest firmware.


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Getting Started with the RX72N Envision Kit 手册 PDF 1012 KB
RX72N Envision Kit - User's Manuals 日本語 手册 PDF 1.58 MB
RX72N Envision Kit - Declaration of conformity for the CE logo 手册 PDF 290 KB
RX72N Envision Kit - Schematics 手册 PDF 2.31 MB
RX72N Envision Kit - BOM List 手册 PDF 374 KB
应用指南 &白皮书
- QE for Display [RX] Sample Program 日本語 应用文档 PDF 2.17 MB
QE for Display [RX] Sample Program 日本語 应用文档 PDF 2.17 MB
RX Family QE for Display [RX] Sample Program 日本語 样例程序 ZIP 55.98 MB
- RX Family QE for Display [RX] Sample Program 日本語 样例程序 ZIP 55.98 MB
Envision Kit for RX72N Board Description File Board Description File ZIP 1 KB
RX72N MCU GROUP ( r01pm0075eu0100-rx72n ) 传单 PDF 422 KB
RX72N MCU GROUP ( r01pm0075eu0100-rx72n ) 手册 PDF 422 KB


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e² studio IDE and Coding Tool Eclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE). (Note: You need to install compiler separately as an additional software) [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, Renesas Synergy, RZ] Renesas


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图形用户界面(GUI)解决方案 基本页面 2020年11月30日
RX 安全解决方案 基本页面 2020年7月17日