Renesas's crystal oscillators are offered in various frequencies, levels of performance, output types, stability, input voltage, package, pin configuration, and temperature grade. Use the form below to configure a device to meet your specific needs.

General Configuration

Temperature Determines the temperature grade of the device.

Stability Total stability of the device, expressed in parts-per-million.

OE Position Determines the physical position of the output Enable/Disable (E/D) pin.

Package Device package defined by nominal width and length dimensions.

Jitter Typical jitter performance, integrated over the 12 kHz to 20 MHz range.

Voltage Power supply voltage for the crystal oscillator.

Output Type The output signal type.

Frequency (MHz) The fixed output frequency in MHz.


Submit by Part Number (Optional)

Users who wish to submit a request and generate a datasheet addendum based on a part number, may do so here. The part number must be a valid part number. An entry here will override the selections in the General Configuration above. Leave this field blank to use the selections from above.


Comments / Special Requests

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