LED lighting product development cycles are growing shorter due to efforts to respond to new market needs. In particular, development of the power supply block, where several functions are concentrated, is a key point. One way to make development more efficient is to digitize the power supply. Digital power supplies provide three major features: fewer components, shorter development time and improved power supply performance.

Digital Power Supply Features

Fewer Components

Since software can be used to tune the performance of a digital power supply, there is no need for the hardware tuning components previously required. In addition, microcontrollers (MCUs) designed for digital power supplies integrate essential peripheral functions on-chip, so the cost of external IC devices is greatly reduced.

Cost Reduction by Using Digital Power Supply

Example of Cost Reduction by Using a Digital Power Supply

Shorter Development Time

It is possible to modify the operation of a digital power supply simply by making changes to the software (parameters). This means that creating a platform based on a common board and software makes it easy to derive new products from existing ones. In addition, there is a high affinity with communication functions, making it possible to develop DALI-conformant products that match market needs in a short period of time.

Digital Power Supply vs. Conventional Analog Power Supply

Differences Between Digital Power Supply and Conventional Analog Power Supply

Improved Power Supply Performance

When a sudden change in load occurs, it is possible to keep the output variation smaller with a digital configuration than with an analog one. This means that there is no longer any need for capacitors to suppress LED flicker when dimming the brightness or as a countermeasure for ripple currents. In addition, digital power supply technologies such as variable gain and auto-tuning can be used to increase responsiveness, maintain stability and suppress variability in ways that are not possible using analog devices.

Digitizing the Power Supply for Improved Performance

Digitizing the Power Supply for Improved Performance


Evaluation Systems for LED Solutions

The hardware listed below is available for LED lighting evaluation, enabling customers to create a development environment that matches their products.