This video demonstrates an easy-to-use high voltage DC/DC module that eliminates design and manufacturing risks while dramatically improving time to market. With "off-the-shelf" unassisted implementation, all you need is the ISL8216M, input and output capacitors and one resistor for a complete high voltage power design.


Hi, my name's Brandon Howell. I'm a product marketing engineer here at Intersil, and I'm at the APEC 2014 Conference. Here I'm showing the ISL8216M. It's a 10V to 80V input range, 2.5V to 30V output 4A power module. So, the power module integrates the controller, the MOSFETs, the inductor all in one package. It only requires input and output capacitance for a full DC Supply.

So let me explain the setup we have here, I have an ISL8216M demo board. With an oscilloscope I'm looking both the input voltage and the output voltage. For the input it's a 48V DC power supply and then on the output it's a 12V out and on the scope I have it AC coupled. So I'm showing the VOUT ripple for this application. So we have minimal capacitance on the board and were seeing less than 30mV peak-to-peak, so it's a very quiet 12V rail, minimal output voltage ripple.

So, the benefit of a module is it has the controller, it has the MOSFETs, it has the inductor, all integrated into one package. So for time to market, it's very fast time to market. Not a lot of design for the end user. It's really just, put the module down, add input/output capacitance, and you've got a full solution.

So the ISL8216M has a 10V to 80V input range, an adjustable 2.5V to 30V output range, a max current of 4A. The regulation accuracy is ±1% over temperature. The switching frequency can be adjusted from 200kHz to 600kHz. It has a frequency sync so the switching frequency can sync to an external clock as a power guard and an integrated soft-start.