The combination of Renesas’ gas and humidity sensors, and RL78/G1D MCU, makes it easier to monitor diaper odors in real-time through any handy device. The RL78/G1D Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) microcontrollers are designed for smart connectivity, with the lowest level of current consumption in the industry. It is a compact module with a built-in 32MHz crystal resonator for RF chips and antennas (already certified). This design also includes the ISL9000A, a dual LDO with low noise, very high PSRR, and low IQ.

System Benefits

  • Easily detects the odor from diapers and alerts caregivers in hospitals and/or nursing home facilities.
  • The ZMOD4410 gas sensor module is designed for detecting total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). Downloadable firmware libraries and source code enables detection of TVOC and odors.
System Block Diagram

Diaper Odor Detector