For biosensing (or other use cases like smart home applications), sensor data needs to be collected and transferred via Bluetooth® to a smartphone or the cloud. Sensors may be any combination of a pulse oximeter/photoplethysmography (PPG), gyro, accelerometer, humidity, temperature, ambient light devices, etc. These devices are usually low power and have mobile features, such as using a small Li-ion cell, which needs to be recharged wirelessly to get rid of physical connections. This winning combination highlights a complete and compact solution.

System Benefits

  • Multiple biosensors, including a very compact pulse oximeter sensor
  • Wireless charging
    • Includes Li-ion (e.g. 100mAh) battery management, protection, automatic power control, DC/DC
    • Highly integrated “all in one” RX chip, optimized for low power and very small size
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) communication module
System Block Diagram

Biosensing With Wireless Charging & Bluetooth Part A



Biosensing With Wireless Charging & Bluetooth Part B