Snowflake Ornament Reference Design

Featuring Power and Analog Components


Intersil is ready for the cold with a full lineup of power and analog components spec’d to operate down to -40 °C.

Key Features

The snowflake ornament reference design has a series of LEDs that fade on and off in an eye-pleasing pattern and plays the familiar song “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” via a small buzzer when the button on the back of the board is pressed.

The brightness of the LEDs adjust to the ambient light in the room in order to keep the brightness appropriate to the surroundings. Additionally, there is a low-battery detect feature as well as a 4 hour time-out alert to remind the user to turn off the reference design and avoid depleting the batteries.

The reference design is powered by two AAA batteries and is light-weight enough to prominently hang on a tree via a hole at the top of the reference design with the included ribbon.


Facing the challenge of designing a product that must operate in extreme cold conditions? Check out our full lineup power supply and analog components designed to withstand the industrial temperature range.

Featured Intersil Parts

Featured Intersil Parts

Snowflake Reference Design Front

Snowflake Reference Design Front

Snowflake Reference Design Back

Snowflake Reference Design Back

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