Narrow VDC Regulator/Charger with SMBus Interface Evaluation Board


The ISL9520EVAL1Z evaluation board is used to evaluate the ISL9520 highly integrated narrow VDC regulator/battery charger controller for Li-ion/Li-ion polymer batteries. It has an SMBus interface and provides gate drive to external switching N-channel FETs that control system voltage, charge current limit and input current limit. The ISL9520EVAL1Z evaluation board includes a USB to SMBus interface to allow users to control the ISL9520 from a personal computer.


  • ±0.5% system voltage accuracy (-10 °C to +100 °C)
  • ±3% accurate input current limit (-10 °C to +100 °C)
  • ±3% accurate battery charge current limit
  • Variable switching frequency at light load conditions for higher efficiency
  • Fixed frequency operation at higher loads; fixed frequency mode can be forced by an external pin
  • Trickle charge system for deeply discharged batteries
  • SMBus 2-wire serial interface
  • Default system voltage values for 2-cell, 3-cell or 4-cell operation selected by an external pin
  • Adapter in-rush FET control
  • Adapter isolation FET control
  • Battery short circuit protection
  • Fast system-load transient response
  • Monitor outputs
  • 11-bit max system voltage setting
  • 7-bit min system voltage setting
  • 6-bit charge current setting: Over 8A battery charger current
  • 6-bit adapter current setting: Over 8A adapter current
  • +9V to +22V adapter voltage range
  • VOUT from 2.5V to 19V in 16mV increments
  • High efficiency at loads < 0.5W for Energy Star 2013 and ErP lot 6, 250mW from adapter with 170mW to the load
  • Turbo mode support


  • Ultrabooks
  • Notebook computers
  • Tablet PCs
  • Portable equipment with rechargeable batteries

ISL9520EVAL1Z Narrow VDC Regulator/Charger Eval Board

ISL9520EVAL1Z Evaluation Board




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Disclaimer: THIS MATERIAL IS PROVIDED “AS-IS” FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. RENESAS ELECTRONICS CORPORATION AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES (collectively, “Renesas”) DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY. Renesas provides evaluation platforms and design proposals to help our customers to develop products. However, factors beyond Renesas' control, including without limitation, component variations, temperature changes and PCB layout, could significantly affect the product performance. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the actual circuit performance.