ISL72813SEH Rad Hard 32-Channel Driver with Integrated Decoder Evaluation Board


The ISL72813SEHEV1Z evaluation board is designed to provide a quick and easy method for evaluating the ISL72813SEH 32-channel driver circuit IC. This device is a unique IC. To use this evaluation board properly requires a thorough knowledge of the operation of the IC. Refer to the ISL72813SEH datasheet for an understanding of the functions and features of the device.

The ISL72813SEH is a radiation hardened, high-voltage, high-current, driver circuit fabricated using Renesas' proprietary PR40 silicon-on-insulator process technology to mitigate single-event effects. This device integrates 32 driver circuits that feature high-voltage, common emitter, and open-collector outputs with a 42V breakdown voltage and a peak current rating of 600mA.

Key Features

  • Toggle switches for easy control of logic pins
  • LED circuitry for quick functional testing
  • Convenient test points and connections for test equipment
  • MCU interface connector for control of logic
  • Banana jacks for power and ground connections


  • Switch and relay drivers
  • Line drivers
  • Logic buffers
  • Lamp drivers

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Disclaimer: THIS MATERIAL IS PROVIDED “AS-IS” FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY. RENESAS ELECTRONICS CORPORATION AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES (collectively, “Renesas”) DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY. Renesas provides evaluation platforms and design proposals to help our customers to develop products. However, factors beyond Renesas' control, including without limitation, component variations, temperature changes and PCB layout, could significantly affect the product performance. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the actual circuit performance.