Also Rolls-out family of x72 Synchronous Dual-port Products

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 24, 2006 — Supporting the bandwidth and performance requirements of next-generation wireless and networking infrastructures, IDT(Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; NASDAQ:  IDTI), a leading provider of vital semiconductor solutions, today announced it has added new products to its comprehensive portfolio of multi-port devices.  Among the new offerings are the industry’s first true dual-port products offering both x36 QDR-II or x18 LA-1 QDR-II interfaces, and a family of x72 synchronous dual-port devices.  Dual-port products are used to facilitate communications between multiple processors by way of two ports integrating memory and logic control, enabling the processors simultaneous access to a common central memory.  These devices are well-suited for wireless infrastructures, networking, storage, high-speed image processing and multi-core computing, such as supercomputers. 


New QDR-II Dual-Port Products Lead Industry

The IDT QDR-II dual-port devices are available in both 9- and 18-Mbit densities and deliver 250 MHz clock speed and 36 Gbps in total throughput.  These attributes enable the products to achieve the necessary aggregate bandwidth common in 10-Gbps applications, while satisfying the needs of networking equipment and module designers who are seeking to realize faster communications between multiple processors.  The devices also offer a 1.8-volt core and selectable 1.4- and 1.9-volt I/O options for voltage matching between two separate domains.  HSTL I/O options are also available to support differing clock frequencies.  The Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface allows designers to improve manufacturability with enhanced board debug and production diagnostics.  A “burst-of-2” capability enables the product to buffer two-word bursts on all accesses.  The burst-of-2 data transfer capability creates lower bus latency and therefore provides more flexibility for the host controller than data transfers that use longer burst lengths.  The QDR-II interface suits data-path acceleration, since it provides independent buses for reading and writing on each port.  Reads and writes can take place simultaneously, which is not possible on single duplex buses that require some amount of “dead” time to turn the bus from read to write or write to read. This optimization makes the IDT QDR-II dual-port devices ideal for low latency and high-speed interconnect between ASICs.  


“IDT is the undisputed leader in multi-port technology, offering the industry’s broadest portfolio of devices, and the addition of the QDR-II dual-port products is a natural extension of our existing product family,” said Jeremy Bicknell, product manager for the IDT Flow-control Management division.  “The new IDT QDR-II dual-port devices best exemplify our desire to provide innovative, standards-compatible products that enable our customers to easily achieve their own aggressive design goals.  With these components, customers can leverage all of the positive attributes of the QDR-II standard, including increased bandwidth and high performance, while taking advantage of a superior, inter-processor communications link.”


IDT Rounds Out Product Portfolio with Fully Synchronous x72 Dual-Port Devices

Delivering 166 MHz performance, the IDT x72 18-Mbit (256Kx72) and 9-Mbit (128Kx72) dual-port products support the 64-bit memory interfaces found in next-generation digital signal processors (DSPs) with a single-chip solution, thereby reducing design cost, complexity and component count.  The devices offer a host of synchronous functions, such as full-boundary counters, multiple independent chip and byte enables, collision detect signal and synchronous interrupts.  They are also equipped with an optional sleep mode on both ports, which allows the product to minimize power consumption by placing the part in full standby mode without any input-level restrictions.  In addition, designers can activate the products’ sleep mode function by programming a single pin.


Pricing and Availability

Pricing starts at less than $90.00 in 10,000 unit quantities.  All products are sampling now. 

Product Name

Part # Ordering Code

Package Type


18-Mbit, x36 QDR-II synchronous dual-port device



RoHS-compliant 576-ball flip-chip BGA

Samples now/ production Q3CY06

18-Mbit, x18 LA-1 QDR-II synchronous dual-port device


RoHS-compliant 576-ball flip-chip BGA

Samples now/production Q3CY06

9-Mbit, x36 QDR-II synchronous dual-port device



RoHS-compliant 576-ball flip-chip BGA

Samples now/ production Q3CY06

9-Mbit, x18 LA-1 QDR-II synchronous dual-port



RoHS-compliant 576-ball flip-chip BGA

Samples now/ production Q3CY06

18-Mbit, x72 dual-port devices



“Green” 324-ball BGA


Samples now/ production Q3CY06

9-Mbit, x72 dual-port devices



“Green” 324-ball BGA


Samples now/

production Q3CY06


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