ISL8215M is the first 42V single-channel DC/DC step-down power module that delivers up to 15A of continuous current. The module offers adjustable output voltages, features the high power density of 60mA/mm² in a compact package and 96.5% peak efficiency to simplify the design of industrial, medical and communications equipment.


There are many 24V and 12V rails available in industrial, medical and measurement applications that need a bulk converter to step the voltage down to a lower voltage and deliver up to 15A. These applications often require a very efficient and compact solution. Hi, I'm Davood Yazdani, Product Marketing Manager at Intersil, a Renesas Company. Here, I would like to introduce the industry first, encapsulated 42V, 15A power module, the ISL8215M.

A classic point of flawed implementation requires a careful selection of the appropriate controller, gate drivers, power MOSFETs, inductor, as well as resistors and capacitors. By integrating most of these discrete components in a single 13mm x 19mm package, the ISL8215M provides two immediate benefits: a more compact design, leading to increased power density, and a simplified design, leading to shorter development time.

The highly efficient ISL8215M operates from a wide input voltage, up to 42V, covering 12V and 24V, industrial standard voltage rates, and delivers up to 15A of continuous current. The ISL8215M perfectly suited to generate the common intermediate bus rails such as 5V, 3.3V, and 12V voltage rails. The typical application circuits shown here illustrates how simple and easy it is to implement your power supply using the ISL8215M.

The ISL8215M is designed to reduce the components count by providing configuration pins that can be directly tied to VCC or ground. A simple resistor or capacitor further expands the options. For instance, adjust the switching frequency, select the light load mode, set the soft‐start ramp time, and program the overcurrent threshold. As shown here, the ISL8215M provides one of the most efficient solutions in the marketplace today, capable of achieving a peak efficiency of 96.5%.

One of the key differences here of the ISL8215M, and in fact, for Intersil power modules, is our differentiated packaging technology which allows for highly efficient heat transfer to the PCB. The thermal tests, as shown here, show that the ISL8215M can safely deliver 10A of continuous current at 85 °C ambient temperature, and a 24V to 3.3V conversion, thereby delivering 33W of power at 85 °C ambient with no airflow or dedicated heat sink.

To support our customers, online resources such as design files and iSim are available for the ISL8215M. For more information, please visit the power modules section of our website.