This RZ/A software development kit helps speed up time to market.

Download: NEWRZ/A1H Group RZ/A1H Software Package V1.20 - Sample Code (ZIP)

Release Notes

RZ/A1H FreeRTOS™ Software Package

Development Environment

e2 studio, GCC


GUI Development Tool

Guiliani EvalKits


RZ/A Display/Camera Development Support Tool

QE for Display

QE for Camera

RZ/A1H Software Package is an HMI software development kit for the RZ/A1H that provides consistent support for camera input, LCD output, and image adjustment. It consists of device drivers, middleware, and sample programs for the RZ/A1H in a single package.

 * Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/A1H must be purchased separately

The Prepaid by Renesas Guiliani Lite license for Guiliani Evalkits

You can obtain an additional Guiliani-Lite production license key from TES. This license is free of charge for Renesas RZ/A users. With this license you are able to produce state-of-the-art HMI applications for production use. The Lite version of Guiliani is fully featured and only has small limitations on usable resources (number of images, dialogs, fonts, etc) and hardware acceleration. To get the Prepaid by Renesas Guiliani-Lite license, please refer to TES Guiliani.


  • Contains sample programs for drivers and application sample programs that can be used for development, so you can start using the peripheral functions of the RZ/A1H immediately.
  • Example for interoperation between RZ/A1H peripherals/StreamIt! on-board peripherals with the C++ HMI Framework "Guiliani" by TES Electronics Solutions. “Guiliani” and RZ/A1H Software Package allows rapid implementations of smooth, intuitive and high-performance GUIs that can interact with RZ/A1H extensive peripherals free-of-charge. For details on Guiliani, please refer to https://www.renesas.com/products/microcontrollers-microprocessors/rz/rza/tes-guiliani.html
  • Use with QE for Display (e² studio plug-in) to easily make image quality and LCD timing adjustments using a GUI.
  • Use with QE for Camera (e² studio plug-in) to easily set Camera module and Camera timing adjustments using a GUI.

Release Information

Latest Ver.: V1.10
Released: Nov. 12, 2021
Details of upgrade (See Release Notes: RZ/A1H Group RZ/A1H Software Package V1.20 (PDF))
Operating Environment

Target Devices

Design & Development

Sample Code

Sample Code

Title Type Date
ZIP81.60 MB
Application: Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Key Technology, Medical and Healthcare Solutions
Compiler: ARMCC, IAR C/C++ Compiler for ARM
Function: Application Example, BSP, Communication Interface, HMI, System
IDE: e2 studio, IAR EWARM
Sample Code
ZIP50.29 MB
Sample Code
ZIP2.34 MB日本語
Compiler: GNU ARM Embedded
IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code

Partner Tools

Partner Tools Description Details/Where to get
H.264 Video playback
[Techno Mathematical]
H.264 WVGA@30fps playback with RZ/A internal RAM.
Performs playback with less than 2MB RAM.

Operating Environment

Integrated development environment e2 studio 2022-07
Compiler GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain: V9.3.1(9-2020-q2)
Supported board Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/A1H
(For GR-PEACH board, RZ/A1H Software Package for GR-PEACH V1.20 - Sample Code (ZIP) can be downloaded.)
Emulator J-Link LITE (included with the board, this J-Link LITE can not be used for any other boards.)
Development support tool QE for Display
QE for Camera

RZ/A1H Software Package for GR-PEACH

As easier RZ/A1H development environment, RZ/A1H Software Package for GR-PEACH is available. User program can be download by drag and drop, you can start rapid prototyping without an in-circuit emulator.

*GR-PEACH and related boards must be purchased separately

Download: NEW RZ/A1H Software Package for GR-PEACH V1.20 - Sample Code (ZIP)

For RZ/A1LU Group products, please refer to RZ/A1LU Software Package.

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