These logic ICs with ultra-small package with 1-3 gate are ideal for reducing device size and allowing effective use of board space.


  • Low voltage operation, Ultra small package (VSON-5, etc.)
  • Value-added products: Multifunction gate
  • Enable to use for signal level shifting


Product Families


Function Package Series name Lineup
ALVC Series
2.5V ultra high-speed
VSON-5 ALVC1G Series 15 types
SSOP-8 ALVC2G Series 19 types
CBT Series
5V bus switch
CMPAK-5   CBT1G125
2 types  
LV-A Series
3.3V high speed
LV1G-A Series
LV1GT-A Series
11 Types
10 Types
CMPAK-6 LV1GW-A Series 12 Types
SSOP-8   LV2G-A Series
LV2GT-A Series
18 Types
18 Types
HC Series
5V high speed
CMPAK-5   HC1G Series
HCT1G Series
9 Types
8 Types


Value-added product


Multifunction Gate (LV1GW/57/58/97/98ACM)

  • Only one IC allows to cover verious gate functions.
    No necessity to purchase some products.
  • One of two inputs became an inverting input.
    Enables to space-saving, and simplifies a timing design.

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You can find an explanation of orderable part numbers here.


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