This simulator product makes source level debugging of applications possible in the Renesas integrated development environment, or the CS+, while the target system is not available on hand.

  • RH850 core operates by architecture of each G3M/G3K/G3KH/G3MH/G4MH.
  • Since the latency of access to the various types of memory and peripheral modules is not considered,the execution times (numbers of cycles) will be different from those for the actual device.

Release Information

Operating Environment

This product is included in the C Compiler Package for RH850 Family (for CS+). When the compiler package is installed, the functions of this simulator are added to the CS+.


  • Since the simulator/debugger runs on the host computer, the user can start debugging the program while the actual MCU is not available on hand. This will result in a reduced development period of the entire system.
  • The functions outlined below are available, which permit program test and debug to be proceeded efficiently.
    • Support each CPU in the RH850 Family.
    • If an error occurs while the program under debug is running, the user can choose to continue ignoring the error or stop the program.
    • Comprehensive break functions.
    • Set and edit memory map.
    • Display C and assembler source level coverages.
  • The simulator/debugger runs under Windows, allowing breakpoints, memory map and trace to be set in dialog boxes.


  • Work efficiency is increased, thanks to builder and debugger integration.
  • The stack is traced.
  • Comprehensive breakpoint functions are supported.
  • Assembler source level coverage display.

Simulation Range

[Functions Supported by This Simulator Debugger]

  • All executable instructions
  • Registers
  • Entire address space

[Functions Not Supported by This Simulator Debugger]

  • All microcontroller peripheral functions
  • Accessing I/O registers
  • Data cache
  • Cycle-accurate simulation

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