Reduce Linux platform time to market by up to 40% and development costs by up to 80%.

Advantages of RZ/G Linux Platform

The RZ/G Linux Platform alleviates issues and concerns with Linux development, providing a way to bring your product to market swiftly.

  Issue or Concern What the RZ/G Linux Platform Provides
Introduction Phase Lack of Linux expert You can start system development right away using the familiar e2 studio IDE and a verified Linux package.
It takes time and effort to construct a new development environment Initial investment costs can be controlled by using a cloud development environment.
Development Phase Risky schedule because it takes time and resources to implement and verify middleware Verified software add-ons can reduce the risks involved with implementing middleware.
Operating Phase You thought it was free, but maintenance such as upgrading and backporting is troublesome, and ends up being expensive Use of the super long-term support Linux kernel can greatly reduce the burden of managing long-term maintenance.
It takes time and effort to verify and test an OSS (open-source software) system By using a verified Linux package, the time required for system verification can be greatly reduced.
Board development by small lot is costly Evaluation and development kits that can be used in mass production are available from our partners and can be used to bring down development costs.
The Five Components of the RZ/G Linux Platform

1. Verified Linux Package (Super Long-Term Support)

The RZ/G Linux package uses the super long-term support Linux kernel promoted by The Linux Foundation's CIPTM (Civil Infrastructure PlatformTM) Project for supporting the long-term guarantee that is demanded by industrial and infrastructure equipment. Renesas provides basic software (3D graphics, H.264 video, security, GUI, and driver software) for which operation has been verified with a CIP Linux kernel, as packaged software.

2. RZ/G1 & RZ/G2 Multimedia Processors

RZ/G1 32-bit multimedia processors have two or more 1GHz+ Arm® Cortex®-A cores, a 3D graphics engine, a full high-definition (HD) video codec, secure IP, high-speed interfaces such as PCIe, SATA, and Gigabit Ethernet, and other functions necessary for embedded devices in the industrial segment.

RZ/G2 64-bit processors use higher performance 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 CPUs as well as offering built-in ECC on internal and external memory in all devices, plus H.265 decoder support.

3. RZ/G Linux Development Environment and Development Tools

The RZ/G Linux customization tool includes the PC build environment as an installation file so that the Linux development environment can be set up immediately. When installed, you can easily customize BSP with e2studio.

In the validation analysis tool, you can check the validation contents of our verified Linux package in your environment. In addition, we provide information on debugging and Q&A.

4. Software Add-Ons

We offer a lineup of verified middleware for the RZ/G Linux package. Since the operation of the middleware has been verified by both partners and Renesas, you can use them to easily expand the functionality of your system.

5. Board Solutions

RZ/G Platform evaluation and development kits can be used in mass production are available from our partners. These kits have unique modules that can be applied for evaluation to mass production. They can be used to vastly speed up the development of your product.

RZ/G Linux Platform 5 components

RZ/G1H-PF iWave product

Development Platform

Get Started with the RZ/G Linux Platform

Even without embedded Linux experience, development can be started easily. See our step-by-step instructions on how to start developing with embedded Linux solutions.