Renesas' digital PWM power controllers offer performance, flexibility and advanced feature sets.


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Application Notes & White Papers
Achieving a Stable Power Supply with Fast Transient Response through Digital Control White Paper PDF 240 KB
Simplifying Advanced Power Systems Design 简体中文 White Paper PDF 258 KB
Five Easy Steps to Create a Multi-Load Power Solution White Paper PDF 846 KB
Scalable Digital Point-of-Load Solutions White Paper PDF 483 KB
AN2017: Non Linear Response Application Note PDF 391 KB
AN2016: Digital-DC Control Loop Compensation Application Note PDF 621 KB
AN2014: System Design Using Digital-DC Devices Application Note PDF 589 KB
AN2015: Current Protection and Measurement Application Note PDF 767 KB
AN2024: Clock Sourcing and Phase Spreading Application Note PDF 145 KB
AN2022: Autonomous Sequencing Technology Application Note PDF 232 KB
AN2010: Thermal and Layout Guidelines for Digital-DC Products Application Note PDF 1.43 MB
AN2031: Writing Configuration Files for Intersil Digital Power Application Note PDF 1.01 MB
AN2040: Power Design with Digital-DC Devices Application Note PDF 1.74 MB
AN2033: Intersil PMBus Command Set for Digital-DC Products Application Note PDF 1.90 MB
Digital-DC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Other PDF 194 KB