Renesas offers a wide range of ultra-small, high efficiency power management ICs (PMICs) ideal for a wide range of consumer, industrial and networking devices including smartphones, tablet computers, solid-state drives, and networking and wireless IoT devices.

What are PMIC Integrated FET Regulators?

Multi-phase buck PMIC devices support the increasing current and lower supply voltage requirements of smart phone applications. The Renesas PMICs also deliver power to artificial intelligence (AI) processors, FPGAs, and industrial microprocessors (MPUs), and are ideal for powering the supply rails in solid-state drives (SSDs), optical transceivers, and a wide range of consumer, industrial and networking devices.

Smartphone and tablet application processors require power supplies that deliver very high efficiency to maximize battery life and ultra-fast transient response to meet the applications processor supply requirements, all in a very small solution with low external component count.

The programmable PMICs leverage Renesas’ R5 Modulation Technology to provide fast single-cycle transient response, digitally tuned compensation, and ultra-high 6 megahertz (MHz) (max) switching frequency during load transients. These features make it easier for power supply designers to design boards with 2mm x 2mm, 1mm low profile inductors, small capacitors, and only a few passive components.

Renesas PMICs also do not require external compensation components or external dividers to set operating conditions. Each PMIC dynamically changes the number of active phases for optimum efficiency at all output currents. Their low quiescent current, superior light load efficiency, regulation accuracy, and fast dynamic response significantly extend battery life for today’s feature-rich, power hungry devices.

R5 Modulation Technology

Rapid Robust Ripple Regulator

Using R5 results in much smaller output voltage overshoot and undershoot, resulting in a lower output capacitance. As a result, the board footprint and BOM cost can be reduced significantly.

ISL91211 Triple/Quad Output PMIC for smartphones and wireless IoT devices

Highly Integrated Triple/Quad Output PMIC

The ISL91211 highly integrated PMIC delivers 91% efficiency at 1.1V output voltage for application processors, GPUs, FPGAs and high-performance system power. The PMIC’s low RDS(on) MOSFETs and programmable PWM frequency allows designers to use fewer low-profile external components, enabling a 50mm2 power-supply that is 40% smaller than competing solutions.

By leveraging the R5 modulation technology, the ISL91211 is able to provide the industry’s fastest single-cycle transient response and highest switching frequency (4MHz) during load transients while reducing board footprint and BOM costs.

The ISL91211 triple/quad output PMIC is ideal for smartphones, tablet computers, solid-state drives, networking and wireless IoT devices.

Multiphase PMICs with High Efficiency and Small Footprint

Multiphase PMICs with High Efficiency and Small Footprint

The ISL91302B, ISL91301A and ISL91301B PMICs offer the highest power efficiency and smallest footprint for application processors in smartphones and tablets.

The ISL91302B dual/single output, multiphase PMIC delivers up to 20A and 94% peak efficiency, while the ISL91301A triple output PMIC and ISL91301B quad output PMIC both deliver up to 16A with 94% peak efficiency.

Key Differences in Family

Part Number Pin Configuration Output Configuration Maximum Load
ISL91302B 54 Ball 6x9 WLCSP Single Output (4 + 0 Phase)
Dual Output (3 + 1 Phase)
Dual Output (2 + 2 Phase)
ISL91301A 42 Ball 6x7 WLCSP Triple Output (2+1+1 Phase) 4A
ISL91301B 42 Ball 6x7 WLCSP Quad Output (1+1+1+1 Phase) 4A
ISL91211A 54 Ball 6x9 WLCSP Triple Output (2+1+1 Phase) 5A
ISL91211B 54 Ball 6x9 WLCSP Quad Output (1+1+1+1 Phase) 5A

Renesas provides a complete portfolio of high-performance buck, boost, buck or boost, and buck-boost integrated FET regulators:

Low voltage, synchronous buck Integrated FET Switching Regulators offered in compact solution sizes for outstanding performance

AEC-Q100 qualified Integrated FET Regulators for automotive embedded processor power supply systems.

Digital Integrated FET Regulators that combine synchronous buck controllers, adaptive drivers and key power/thermal management functions.

Integrated FET Regulators for harsh environments featuring high efficiency and high switching speed, ideal for industrial and avionics power supplies.

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