1310/1490/1550 nm DFB-LD for Fiberoptic Communications

RV2X6376A ;  New Series of 25 Gbps Directly Modulated Laser Diodes for 4.9G and 5G LTE Base Stations.


RV2X6376A Series of directly modulated laser (DML) diodes deliver 25 Gbps x four wavelengths as the light source in 100 Gbps optical transceivers that enable high-speed communications inside 4.9G and 5G LTE base stations, and between data center routers and servers. The RV2X6376A Series are the industry’s first industrial-temperature (-40°C to 95°C) DML diodes that support full 25 Gbps speed (per individual laser) without cooling.


NX6375AA Series of semiconductor laser diodes realize 100 Gbps high-capacity high-speed fiberoptic communications


The NX6375AA Series of direct modulation DFB LDs (distributed feedback laser diodes) supporting 25 Gbps and four wavelengths can be used for the light source for a 100 Gbps optical transceiver that is used for communication between a router and a server installed in a data center. The NX6375AA Series is the first in the industry to achieve stable operation up to 28 Gbps per channel at a mass production level in the -5 to 85°C operating temperature range. It has a high reliability of a MTTF of 100,000 hours.*

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- 1.3um AlGaInAs Direct Modulated DFB laser diode

- Uncooled operation (absolute maximum ratings): Tc=-40℃~+95℃

- Output power: Po=7mW@25℃

- SMSR: 35dB min

- Laser operating current: 55mA max

- High Reliability: MTTF of 100,000 hours*


Oscillation wavelengths and corresponding part numbers:

1270nm Lane 1290nm Lane 1310nm Lane 1330nm Lane

*MTTF of 100,000 hours is not guaranteed




- 1310 nm band AlGaInAs DFB LD
- Wide temperature range supported: Tc = -5 to +85°C
- Single mode characteristics: SMSR (side mode suppression ratio) 35 dB
- CWDM interval (oscillation wavelengths of 1271 nm, 1291 nm, 1311 nm, and 1331 nm)
- Shipping format: Chip (bare die)


Oscillation wavelengths and corresponding part numbers:

1271 nm 1291 nm 1311 nm 1331 nm
NX6375AA271 NX6375AA291 NX6375AA311 NX6375AA331

*MTTF of 100,000 hours is not guaranteed


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