Updated: Dec. 29, 2021
Renesas Electronics Corporation

It provides e-AI(embedded artificial intelligence) that infers and executes many of the open source AI frameworks at endpoints using RZ/G1 and RZ/G2.

Customers can use a collection of Yocto metalayers that allow native inference execution on the RZ/G Series reference platform.

Customer can also quickly evaluate the RZ/G2 series using an image-based sample benchmarking application for product recognition in shopping basket.

Product Overview

The RZ/G series AI BSP incorporates the well-known FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) AI frameworks ArmNN, ONNX Runtime, and TensorFlow Lite into VLP. Customer can perform inference using the results learned on the RZ/G platform.

AI BSP Package also includes a sample benchmarking application for each framework that tests the execution performance of some well-known pre-trained image classification models.

Customers can immediately use Linux with AI inference on RZ/G boards.

Customer can also try a demo for evaluating RZ/G2 products. Customer can immediately evaluate your RZ/G2 product in the demo.


  • Providing a collection of Yocto metalayers (meta-renesas-ai)
  • For support frameworks are ArmNN, ONNX, Runtime and TensorFlow Lite
  • Easily create an RZ/G series environment by building with VLP or BSP. VLP


  • Yocto metalayers (meta-renesas-ai)
  • Support framework: ArmNN(v21.05), ONNX Runtime(v1.8.0), TensorFlow Lite(v2.3.1)
  • Sample benchmark application for evaluation

Target Reference Boards

  • RZ/G2 Group
    • Hoperun Technology HiHope RZ/G2H platform (hihope-rzg2h) Rev 4.0
    • Hoperun Technology HiHope RZ/G2M platform (hihope-rzg2m) Rev 4.0 (*1)
    • Hoperun Technology HiHope RZ/G2N platform (hihope-rzg2n) Rev 4.0
    • Silicon Linux RZ/G2E evaluation kit (ek874) Rev C
    • Silicon Linux RZ/G2E evaluation kit (ek874) Rev E
    • RZ/G2L Evaluation Board Kit PMIC version (*2):
      • RZG2L SMARC Module Board v02
      • RZ SMARC Series Carrier Board v04
    • RZ/G2LC Evaluation Board Kit
  • (*1) There are 2 versions of RZ/G2M LSI devices. There are version 3.0 and 1.3 (hereinafter referred to as “RZ/G2M v3.0” and “RZ/G2M v1.3”).
    (*2) “RZ/G2L Evaluation Board Kit” and “RZG2L Evaluation Board Kit PMIC version” includes the RZG2L SMARC Module Board and the RZ SMARC Series Carrier Board.
  • RZ/G1 Group
    • iWave RZ/G1H-PF Qseven Development Platform R2.1
    • iWave RZ/G1M-PF Qseven Development Platform R2.0
    • iWave RZ/G1E-PF SODIMM Development Platform R3.1, R4.0


Dec. 29, 2021: New release



Please check the Release Notes below and download the required files.

Support Policy

As a general rule, Renesas does not provide support for this evaluation version. For the product version, Renesas provides support for the below items without additional payment. For more details, please contact a Renesas salesperson.

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