RX Family of 32-bit High Power Efficiency MCUs

Renesas RX Family 10 Years Anniversary - Thank You, and Look Out for More

The RX family consists of four product series: the flagship RX700 series, with the fastest performance and most advanced functions; the standard RX600 series; the RX200 series, which delivers an optimal balance of power efficiency and high performance; and the entry-level RX100 series, with extremely low power consumption. These four series encompass a range of products that provide seamless scalability from small-scale to large-scale applications.

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Celebrate the RX Family's 10th Anniversary

RX turns 10! Renesas celebrates this major milestone highlighting major achievements – industry-leading 32-bit proprietary core MCU (highest performance 5.82 CoreMark/MHz in this class) with more than 600 million units shipped since launched. We continue to expand RX 32-bit MCU lineup and solutions with top class power efficiency and good system cost performance ratio, aligning with the growing market. Together with the next-generation RX core which has higher performance with well-balanced power efficiency, RX MCU will support the realization of a future cloud society and a human-robot society based on timely release of robust security technology. We are celebrating throughout 2020 by showcasing our most innovative products and solutions in key applications, starting with wireless connectivity that is increasingly important in the digital age. Thank you for sharing the RX journey with us; we are excited for more to come!

Renesas RX Family 10-year Anniversary

Wireless Connectivity

The RX Cloud and Bluetooth® Low Energy Solutions are ideal for wireless connectivity features for IoT equipment. The RX65N Cloud Kit makes development easier with the FreeRTOS operating system, and the upcoming FreeRTOS Over-The-Air (OTA) program instantaneously updates to the latest firmware, reducing the hassle of life cycle management. The RX23W is able to extend battery lifespan with its low power consumption and has both a target board and a Renesas Solution Starter Kit to shorten development time for Bluetooth applications. Learn more about the wireless connectivity solutions available from the following contents.

Stay Tuned for the Next Release

Highlighted Products

MCUs with outstanding real-time performance for industrial equipment are finally here. These MCUs offer stable performance with little fluctuation thanks to the latest RXv3 core and the industry's fastest flash memory. Trusted Secure IP boasts the highest level of security for an MCU with the industry's largest internal memory and up to 182 general-purpose I/Os. A wealth of features and security are realized in one chip. The RX72M also provides plenty of support for industrial networks such as EtherCAT.
The RX72N Envision Kit is also newly released for evaluation of the RX72N's HMI capabilities, security and cloud connectivity.

  • RX66N – 120MHz RXv3, 4MB ROM, 1MB RAM, HMI, Connectivity, Security, Motor Control
  • RX72N – 240MHz RXv3, 4MB ROM, 1MB RAM, HMI, Connectivity, Security, Motor Control
  • RX72M – Features of RX72N + Industrial Network Solution (EtherCAT, etc.)
  • RX72N Envision Kit

RX72N, RX66N

RX72N Envision Kit

RX Family

RX line-up

Family Lineup

RX ファミリ



グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RX110 8-128 8-16 36-64 1.8-3.6 32 超低消費電力
RX111 16-512 8-64 36-64 1.8-3.6 32 コネクティビティ (USB), 超低消費電力
RX113 128-512 32-64 64-100 1.8-3.6 32 コネクティビティ (USB), HMI (タッチキー), 超低消費電力
RX130 64-512 10-48 48-100 1.8-5.5 32 HMI (タッチキー), 超低消費電力, 5V
RX13T 64-128 12 32-48 2.7-5.5 32 モータ特化仕様 (1 motor), 5V



グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RX23W 384-512 64 56-85 1.8-3.6 54 Bluetooth、コネクティビティ(USB)、HMI(タッチキー)、セキュリティ、低消費電力
RX231, RX230 128-512 32-64 48-100 1.8-5.5 54 コネクティビティ (USB), HMI (タッチキー), セキュリティ, 低消費電力, 5V
RX23E-A 128-256 16-32 40-48 1.8-5.5 32 センサ
RX23T 64-128 12 48-64 2.7-5.5 40 モータ特化仕様 (1 motor), 5V
RX24T 128-512 16-32 64-100 2.7-5.5 80 モータ特化仕様 (3 motor), 5V
RX24U 256-512 32 100-144 2.7-5.5 80 モータ特化仕様 (3 motor), 5V, 疑似差動PGA
RX210 64-1024 12-96 48-145 1.62-5.5 50 低消費電力, 5V
RX21A 256-512 32-64 64-100 1.8-3.6 50 低消費電力, センサ
RX220 32-256 4-16 48-100 1.62-5.5 32 低消費電力, 5V



グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RX66N 2048-4096 1024 100-224 2.7-3.6 120 コネクティビティ(Ethernet, USB)、HMI(LCD, I2S)、セキュリティ、モータ
RX65N, RX651 512-2048 256-640 64-177 2.7-3.6 120 コネクティビティ (Ethernet,USB), HMI(LCD), セキュリティ, モータ
RX64M 2048-4096 512 100-177 2.7-3.6 120 コネクティビティ (Ethernet, USB), モータ
RX63N, RX631 0-2048 64-256 48-177 2.7-3.6 100 コネクティビティ(Ethernet, USB)
RX62N, RX621 256-512 64-96 85-176 2.7-3.6 100 コネクティビティ(Ethernet, USB)
RX630 384-2048 64-128 80-177 2.7-3.6 100 コネクティビティ(USB)
RX634 1024-2048 128 144 2.7-5.5 54 5V
RX610 768-2048 128 144-176 3-3.6 100 -
RX63T 32-512 8-48 48-144 2.7-5.5 100 コネクティビティ(USB), モータ特化仕様, 5V
RX66T 256-1024 64-128 64-144 2.7-5.5 160 モータ特化仕様 (4 motor), コネクティビティ (USB), セキュリティ, 高分解能PWM, 5V
RX62T 64-256 8-16 64-112 2.7-5.5 100 モータ特化仕様, 5V
RX62G 128-256 8-16 100-112 4-5.5 100 モータ特化仕様, 高分解能PWM, 5V



グループ Flash (KB) RAM (KB) ピン数 動作電圧 (V) 周波数 (MHz) 特長
RX72M 2048-4096 1024 176-224 2.7-3.6 240 コネクティビティ (EtherCAT, Ethernet, USB), HMI (LCD, I2S), セキュリティ, モータ
RX72N 2048-4096 1024 100-224 2.7-3.6 240 コネクティビティ(Ethernet, USB)、HMI(LCD, I2S)、セキュリティ、モータ
RX71M 2048-4096 512 100-177 2.7-3.6 240 コネクティビティ (Ethernet, USB), モータ
RX72T 512-1024 128 100-144 2.7-5.5 200 モータ特化仕様(4 motor), コネクティビティ(USB), セキュリティ, 高分解能PWM, 5V
Development Tools

Software Tools

Development Environment for the Renesas RX Family MCUs

In the RX family development environment, Renesas offers high-quality and extensive software, high-performance yet easy-to-use development tools, and a wide selection of boards and kits.

The enhanced development environment enables customers to improve system development efficiency and contributes to shortening development time, reducing total cost, and improving system quality. A variety of partner products are also available, allowing you to select a development environment that meets your needs.

Development Environment for RX Family

Product Longevity Program(PLP)

Renesas Electronics is operating the Product Longevity Program (PLP) to help customers select the most appropriate part for applications that require long life cycles.


Silex logo

Takahiro Kiji
Senior Product Manager
Global Marketing Center
Silex Technology, Inc.

Takahiro Kiji, Senior Product Manager, Global Marketing Center, Silex Technology

Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of RX Family.

Our core technology is wireless, and we provide both hardware and software solutions for wireless connectivity such as wireless LAN modules and networking access points. The first business collaboration with the RX team started when they showed their interests in our ‘Absolutely Must Connect Technology’ and adopted our wireless LAN module (SX-ULPGN-2000) for the RX65N Cloud Kit.

The demo unit developed with the RX65N Cloud Kit could immediately connect to the cloud, we were able to focus on wireless connectivity development to prove our expertise on ‘Absolutely Must Connect wireless even in places where signal reception is poor like exhibition venues. Now, we can prove our strength in wireless technology and the RX65N Cloud Kit’s strong processing power through the demonstration of stable connectivity from sensors to the cloud. Visitors at our exhibition were impressed with the stress-free connectivity we had developed.

With the success story, we look forward to growing our wireless connectivity business with Renesas by enhancing our wireless LAN modules which is imperative to cloud connectivity and working together on RX23W collaboration.

Neona logo

Anchunath R
Neona Embedded Labz Pvt. Ltd

Anchunath R, Founder/CEO, Neona Embedded Labz Pvt. Ltd

Neona is an Independent Design and Services Company with strong expertise in embedded design and service in IOT/Cloud, such as smart home and smart meter solution. In the last 6 months, we are using RX23W with BT5.0 in our Smart Home Automation and Smart Locker project. It's easy to use even for a beginner and it’s easy and quick to develop the prototype and first level demo to my client. The Smart Configurator makes it much easier to create sample application for BT5.0, which are ready to build and test with just a simple click in the GUI. It’s a breeze to do code modification, as we were able to customize the Cap Touch application for user interface without affecting the rest of the codes. And, the touch calibration works well with the RX Cap Touch Kit.

The combination of Cap Touch with BT5.0 and the rest of the major peripheral functions (analog, digital, USB etc) embedded in a single chip is ideal for my development. And, the most beautiful aspect of RX23W is the size. A small BGA package containing many important features helps to save board space too. It would be ideal if it could include a Wi-Fi functionality in the future.