ICs for Motor Control

All-in-one ICs for motor control that combine analog front-end and sophisticated pre-drivers with RL78 MCUs optimal for BLDC motor control of power tools and other equipment

The RAJ306000 is a motor control IC that can easily control three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors  that are used in battery-operated power tools, drones, communication robots, cleaning robots, and so on. With its built-in high-function pre-drivers and RL78/G1F microcontroller (flash ROM: 64 KB) for motor control, the RAJ306000 drives a BLDC motor safely and at low power (high efficiency), facilitating BOM cost reduction and other requirements. It has the following features.



Compact: Up to 50% size reduction*

Integrates innovative high-performance analog circuitry.


Efficient: Up to 35% motor drive power dissipation improvement*

500mA pre-driver includes proprietary performance optimization circuit.


Standard: Common platform from 6V to 30V

Double boost function enables platform reuse across motor voltages.


Sensor-less: High performance sensor-less motor drive control

Reliable operation for low to high speed.


*Based on the comparison with our company’s product



Voltage for motor drive From 6V to 30V
MCU RL78/G1F (Flash ROM: 64KB, RAM: 5.5KB)
Communication I/F SPI:2ch, IIC: 2ch, UART: 1ch
Flexible Timer 16bit Timer: 8ch
5V regulator precision 5V +/- 1%  (Ta = 25 degree C)
AD converter 9ch (Resolution : 10bits)
Pre- Driver Block   Gate drive peak current 500mA
Boost function Double boost / Single boost, Switchable
PWM waveform mode 2 mode (PWM mode / Commutation mode)
Safety function Overtemperature, Overvoltage,
Overcurrent of the output phase, UVLO
Package type P-HTFQFP64 (7mm x 7mm)


Key Applications

  • Power Tools and Garden Tool Equipment
  • Printers and Fans
  • Industrial application (Speed controller unit)

Block Diagram

ARGOS Block Diagram

Complete Evaluation and Development Environment

We will continue to provide motor control evaluation boards and sample programs to help accelerate time to market. Existing RL78/G1F integrated development environments, compilers, and libraries can be used for program development.

  • E1 Emulator for RL78 series
  • Renesas IDE
  • Also, IAR compatible
  • Evaluation board (PTP3-a):

             Includes MOSFET (6 pcs)

            Sample firmware

  • Evaluation and development require only connection to a motor

ARGOS Evaluation Boards

Motor control debugging tool

  • Supports ICS (In-Circuit Scope) tool:
  • Display waveforms of internal program variables while the motor is rotating to graphically confirm behaviors.

    Improves de-bugging efficiency, and detection of anomalous behavior.

ARGOS Debugging Tool


Added on 2018-07-20

RAJ30600 is controller for 3-phase BLDC motor control, built-in RL78 and pre-drivers

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