In order to realize new and more advanced IoT systems, a large number of sensors are needed. However, in many cases, the hassle of installing power lines or replacing batteries is a challenge, and the method of data collection is another concern.

The RE Family of LoRaWAN® IoT sensor solutions can solve these problems and help you realize an ideal solution. In this example, all the power is provided by solar panel. In other words, it frees you from worrying about the cost of installing power lines or replacing batteries. By installing a gateway for LoRaWAN, data can be collected and analyzed without human intervention.

The RE Family has extremely low consumption in both standby and active mode, making it ideal for edge devices that need to perform complex data processing. Please refer to the application note for details of operation.

  1. Battery Maintenance Free
    Recharging secondary batteries with solar power. Solves IoT issues such as laying power lines and battery replacement costs.
  2. Long-range Wireless
    LoRaWAN® enables data to be sent wirelessly up to several kilometers away with very little power. Reduces the time and effort required for data collection.
  3. High Performance
    The RE01 Group of 64MHz 32-bit CPUs makes it ideal for advanced processing such as voice recognition and image processing.
  • Smart agriculture sector
  • Smart metering
  • Structural health monitoring

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RE Solution: Battery Maintenance-Free LoraWan® Sensor

The RE family is a new product that uses the Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide process. In addition to its low power consumption performance, it has an integrated power supply circuit (EHC), which is necessary for energy harvesting systems.

Ultra-Low-Power LoRaWAN® Sensor uses Renesas RE Family’s energy harvesting functionality to create an ultra-low power, highly efficient, maintenance-free solution. The system is capable of measuring temperature, relative humidity etc. and sending this information via Sub-GHz technology(LoRa®) to cloud. It maintains the energy balance by performing power management with zero human intervention.