The concept of battery-less energy harvesting remote control is to create an extremely low power remote control that is compatible with the majority of existing systems. The built-in energy harvesting control circuit enables equipment to operate from energy harvesting power sources with only weak ambient energy. The RE01B microcontroller family is equipped with a powerful 32-bit CPU with extremely low power, an energy harvesting controller and Bluetooth® 5.0 (BT5.0).

System Benefits​:

  • RE01B is a BT5.0 single device with an ultra-low power Arm® Cortex®-M0+ CPU and large size memory. The RE01B enables battery-less Bluetooth communication by charging the super capacitor with the built-in energy harvest circuit. The built-in MCU can start at only 5µA supply and start operating with ultra-low power.
  • The HS3001 is a highly-accurate, fully-calibrated relative humidity and temperature sensor with high accuracy, fast measurement response time, long-term stability, and a small package size.

Target Applications:

  • Remote control
Energy Harvest Remote Controller