This drinking water machine can be directly connected to a water source for a continuous supply of hot or cold drinking water. The product is very common in airports, stations, trains, offices, and homes. Temperature control, precise water level detection and touch key control are implemented in this solution. Additionally, a flow sensor and op amp can be selected for high-end designs.

System Benefits​:

  • Entry-level RA MCU provides perfect usage for touch key control and water level detection (1% accuracy in the 200mm range).
  • AC/DC with digital primary-side switcher eliminates the optocoupler and maintains excellent cross-regulation accuracy to enable the longer operating lifetime, high performance and reduced cost required for home applications.
  • A very small, low power GreenPAK programmable mixed-signal matrix provides an LED driver, high-voltage outputs up to 13.2V and phase-cut power control.
  • The high-performance flow sensor and operational amplifier can be used for precise flow control.

Target Applications:

  • Drinking water machines
  • Coffee machines
  • Automatic detergent dispensers
  • Water tank monitor in air purifiers, humidifiers, etc.
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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