The 25Gbps directly modulated laser (DML) from the RV2X6376A, in conjunction with the DML driver (HXT44100), can address the 200G/400G optical modules market as well as 5G wireless infrastructure applications. Together with TIAs (HXR44400) and CDRs (HXC44400), a complete portfolio of optical interconnect solutions is provided. Applications include up to 10km Ethernet QSFP, OSFP, and SFP56 modules for datacenter along with fiber channel applications.

Key Timing Features:

  • 1.3um AlGaInAs Direct Modulated DFB laser diode
  • Handles the complete electrical-to-optical conversion, including CML input with equalization, laser bias and modulations, and laser power control and supervision
  • Integrates a number of functions required for automatic power control (APC), as well as internal and module temperature measurements and reporting
  • Can reduce the number of discrete components for better RF performance, cost-savings, and compact assemblies


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