Application Development Environments Where You Can Soon Find, Combine, and Try Things

A solution toolkit is an extension plug-in which accelerates the development of applications in integrated development environments from Renesas. It is configured with the Smart Utilities, which can be used in development for all fields of application, and Quick and Effective Tool Solutions (QE), which are for particular fields. Both enhance efficiency from development to mass production, and will reduce total costs. We will further improve our handy products for debugging applications, and the Renesas development environments will continue to evolve.

Solution Toolkit Overview


  1. These are included in the e² studio and CS+ in a single plug-in as standard items. (Smart Configurator operates in linkage with the CS+.)
  2. These are to be installed as you require them.


QE: Tools for Particular Applications

We are developing tools for more efficient debugging of other specific applications, such as communications, display and others.

Smart Utility

These are a group of utilities which are usable in development across fields of application.

Smart Configurator

The Smart Configurator is a utility for combining software to meet your needs. It supports the following three functions related to the embedding of Renesas drivers in your systems: importing, generating driver code, and setting pins.