emWin perfectly supports the low power and low resources constraints given by a low power design. embOS RTOS is the ideal partner for RE01 systems to manage all tasks in an efficient way, allowing to get the maximum out of a low power system.


  • emWin - Industry-Leading Embedded Graphics Library
    • The professional embedded GUI emWin enables the RE01 to create highly efficient and high-quality graphical user interfaces on any embedded system. emWin supports resource-constrained MCUs to run stunning interactive interfaces.
  • embOS - (Real-Time Operating System)
    • embOS is a priority-controlled RTOS. It is designed to be the foundation for developing embedded applications. It is the leading RTOS of over 25 years and has been deployed in several billion devices in a range of application areas.


  • Industrial controls
  • Smart homes
  • Energy saving IoT appliances
  • Home appliances
  • Healthcare


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