The Intersil ISL43L110 and ISL43L111 devices are low ON-resistance, low voltage, bidirectional, single pole/single throw (SPST) analog switches designed to operate from a single +1. 1V to +4. 5V supply. Targeted applications include battery powered equipment that benefit from low RON resistance, excellent RON flatness, and fast switching speeds (tON = 8ns, tOFF = 5ns). The digital logic input is 1. 8V CMOS compatible when using a single +3V supply. Cell phones, for example, often face ASIC functionality limitations. The number of analog input or GPIO pins may be limited and digital geometries are not well suited to analog switch performance. This family of parts may be used to switch in additional functionality while reducing ASIC design risk. The ISL43L11X are offered in a 5 lead SC70 package, alleviating board space limitations. The ISL43L110 has one normally open (NO) switch and ISL43L111 has one normally closed (NC) switch.


  • Pb-Free available (RoHS compliant)
  • Drop in replacement for the MAX4715 and MAX4716
  • ON resistance (RON)
  • VCC = +4.3V 0.21Ω
  • VCC = +3.0V 0.24Ω
  • VCC = +1.8V 0.45Ω
  • RON flatness 0.03Ω
  • Single supply operation +1.1V to +4.5V
  • Fast switching action (+3.9V Supply)
  • tON 8ns
  • tOFF 5ns
  • ESD HBM rating >4kV
  • 1.8V, CMOS logic compatible (+3V supply)
  • 5 lead SC70 packaging


  • Battery powered, handheld, and portable equipment Cellular/mobile phones Pagers Laptops, notebooks, palmtops
  • Portable test and measurement
  • Medical equipment
  • Audio and video switching


器件号 Part Status Pkg. Type Carrier Type MOQ Buy Sample
Active SC70 Reel 3000


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