Smart Analog IC101 has a built-in 16-bit delta-sigma A/D converter and programmable gain amplifier and is suitable for industrial applications.

  • Highly integrated analog front end for bridge sensor reduces number of components
  • Easy expansion of host MCU variation reduces development time
  • Suitable for small, low cost and reliable sensor modules reduces PCB area

The RAA730101 is a 16-bit ΔΣ A/D converter IC with a programmable gain instrumentation amplifier ideal for differential output sensors used for measuring flow and pressure. The RAA730101 incorporates a temperature sensor, a power supply for external sensor, and an internal reference voltage generator. Using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication or Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) communication, the RAA730101 controls system configurations for each function block from an external device and outputs measured data to the external device. The RAA730101 also incorporates flash memory for storing system configurations for each function block. The RAA730101 uses a 36-pin FBGA package, which enables a more compact set design for measuring flow and pressure.


  • RAA730101 (RAA7301014CBG, RAA7301013CBG) 16-bit ∆Σ A/D converter IC with programmable gain instrumentation amplifier
  • Input Mux: 4 channels with differential input mode/single-end mode selectable
  • Programmable gain instrumentation amplifier (PGIA) with gain/offset adjustment function
  • Low-pass filter built into 16-bit delta-sigma A/D converter
  • 5-bit D/A converter with offset adjustment function
  • Power supply for external sensor (Sensor Bias)
  • Temperature sensor circuit built into 16-bit delta-sigma A/D converter
  • Communications: SPI/UART (selectable)
  • 256 bytes Flash memory for storing system setting data
  • Operating voltage range: 2.7 to 5.5 V
  • Operating temperature range: RAA7301014CBG Ta= -40 to +125 ℃; RAA7301013CBG Ta= -40 to +105 ℃
  • Package: 36-pin FPBGA (4 x 4)


  • Industrial applications
  • Healthcare equipment



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