ISL8225M 110A Thermal Performance

Watch the demo of three ISL8225M power modules operating in multi-phase current sharing mode for delivering up to 110A output current with no fans or heat sinks.


Today I'd like to talk to you about Intersil's power modules, specifically our ultra-dense, super smart ISL8225M and the ISL8225M evaluation board where we have three of our power modules hooked up in parallel, each providing a minimum of 30A to enable us to have a 90A plus system solution.

We have 12V on the input, with our output we're running 1V out and 90A worth of output current. Under a room temperature operating condition with no heat sinks, no airflow, you can see that our cool running parts are only running 77 °C at the hottest power module in this application, very efficient.

So under these conditions, you don't need a heat sink, you don't need airflow and yet a very low overall system temperature operating level. If you do have system operating at extended temperatures in a hot environment and you do have airflow available, you can see that there's going to be significant improvement in the overall thermal performance of these products. In this case, we'll take a fan calibrator for 200LFM, apply airflow and we'll see just how far down our temperature drops.

Now let's look at our same system with no airflow, no heat sinks, and have it running at 100A which is a 110% of rated power levels. In this case, our temperature is still a very cool 83 °C running at that 100A level. Let's have a look at what the benefit is of having a 200LFM airflow, again with no heat sinks.

And lastly, we'll again look at our eval board with no heat sinks, no airflow, 12V in, 1V out but this time running at 110A or 120% of rated power for the individual modules. Even at 110A, we're only running at 91 °C. Still a very cool temperature given this power level, no airflow, no heat sinks.

Now again, if you have a high operating environment, we will quantify the impact of a 200LFM airflow with no heat sinks. The ISL8225M is capable of having up to six modules operating in parallel with Intersil's proprietary current sharing algorithms. That will provide 180A of continuous power.

Should you like to get a sample of this evaluation board or the ISL8225M module, please go to our website, order today.