The IDT F1102 dual channel device operates with a single 5V supply. It is optimized for operation in a Multicarrier BaseStation Receiver for RF bands from 698 to 915 MHz with High or Low Side Injection. IF frequencies from 50 to 300 MHz are supported. The F1102 also supports the 400 MHz RF bands with some simple external matching modifications. Nominally, the device offers +43 dBm Output IP3 with 330 mA of ICC. Alternately one can adjust 4 resistor values and a toggle pin to run the devices in low current mode (LC mode) with +36 dBm Output IP3 and 235 mA of ICC.

A member of IDT’s Zero-Distortion™ family, this RF to IF mixer reduces distortion for improved SNR while simultaneously reducing power consumption.


  • Dual Path for Diversity Systems
  • Ideal for Multi-Carrier Systems
  • 9.0 dB Gain
  • Ultra linear:
    • +43 dBm IP3O (STD Mode)
    • +36 dBm IP3O (LC Mode)
  • Low NF < 10 dB
  • Extended LO level range for MIMO (-6 dBm)
  • 200 ohm output impedance
  • Ultra high +13 dBm P1dBI
  • Pin Compatible with existing solutions
  • 6x6 36 pin package
  • Power Down mode
    • < 200 nsec settling from Power Down
  • Minimizes Synth pulling in Standby Mode
  • Low Current Mode : ICC = 235 mA
  • Standard Mode: ICC = 330 mA


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