The ISL78268EVAL1Z is a fully configured buck converter evaluation board that includes an ISL78268 synchronous buck controller, MOSFETS, an inductor, current sense resistors, and other necessary components. The evaluation board has been designed to evaluate the features and performance of the ISL78268 quickly and easily.

ISL78268 is an automotive-grade synchronous buck controller with the 2-A sourcing/3-A sinking integrated MOSFET drivers used in automotive and industrial applications. The device supports a wide input supply voltage range of 5V to 55V for full operation and protected up to 60V when not switching.


  • Wide operational input voltage range up to 55V (switching), withstand 60V (non-switching)
  • Average output constant current limiting
  • Selectable diode emulation mode or forced PWM mode
  • Selectable switching clock source: internal or external
  • Low shutdown current: IQ <10µA
  • Selectable latch-off or hiccup mode fault response
  • Comprehensive fault protections:
  • Input and output overvoltage protection
  • Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent limit (OC1) and protection (OC2)
  • Average current overcurrent protection
  • Over-temperature protection


  • Automotive power
  • Telecom and industrial power supplies
  • General purpose power
  • Supercap charging


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ISL78268 Datasheet - Japanese データシート PDF 7.78 MB
ISL78268 Datasheet データシート PDF 2.10 MB
star ISL78268EVAL1Z User Guide ガイド PDF 1.40 MB


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ISL78268EVAL1Z Design Files PCB設計ファイル ZIP 1.10 MB