See how easy it is to connect the ISL8225MEVAL3Z eval board to evaluate a 1.2V output regulator that can deliver up to 30A.


Hi, I'm Steve Rivet. I'm the Director of Intersil's power module product line. Today, I'd like to show you how to set up and use our ISL8225MEVAL3Z single output, 30A evaluation board.

Okay, to get started, you remove the eval board. You'll need a power supply capable of supplying 4.5V to 20V at about 10A, and an electronic or other loads capable of sourcing the current required for your application. Setup is very easy. Simply plug in the power supply, plug in the load, and connect a meter so that you can monitor the output voltage.

So we enabled our power supply, so you can see we're running at 20V input to the module, and we're running, initially, at 15A of load current, and as you can see, our output voltage is 1.2V. This is the preset voltage that is the standard default configuration for this eval board. You can also see that as we increase the current to 30A, we're still maintaining the 1.2V output voltage. It's that simple.

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