In some indoor areas, the environment is very moist, making it difficult to dry clothes efficiently. With today’s technology, there are now additional features for electronic-type dryers, like remote and voice control, and a local touch panel that automatically turns off to save energy.

This reference design provides a cost optimized RX130 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) with a capacitive touch sensing unit (CTSU). The buck regulator and LDO power the MCU and other peripheral modules. A humidity and temperature sensor and half-bridge drivers are also integrated into this solution. Voice recognition and Wi-Fi modules are used for smart home applications.

System Benefits

  • Cost optimized RX130 MCU provides capacitive touch for touch control
  • Humidity and temperature sensor with high accuracy and excellent stability
  • Low cost and high performance, multiprocessor (MP) level voice recognition module
System Block Diagram

Smart Clotheshorse

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