Renesas offers the RX130 Group, the RL78/G1x Series, and other products with built-in A/D converter for sensor input as control MCUs for air cleaners and air purifiers.

Renesas also has a lineup of TRIACs and MOSFETs for controlling ion generators, fan motors, and so on, to meet a variety of needs.

Air Cleaner

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products
Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
Control MCU MCU RL78/G13, G14, G1G Group Timers, 5 V operation, small package,
16-bit CPU
RX130 Group Timers, 5 V operation, Cap touch
Moter control TRIAC BCR1AM-12A  
BCR08AM-14A, BCR08DS-14A  
Ion generator TRIAC BCR3FM-12LB, BCR3AS-12B  
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