Continua Demonstration Platform

Continua Certified Demonstration Platform for V850 MCU

Connected portable medical devices, such as blood glucose meters and blood pressure monitor, implement multiple standards to support the Continua Health Alliance’s End-to-End Architecture for patient/doctor information exchange. Our Continua Certified Demonstration Platform illustrate an implementation of Blood Glucose Meter with a PM-Store option to allow user store measurement during off-line mode.

The increase in software requires higher performing MCU but still subjected to the same battery with limited capacity.

Renesas energy efficient V850ES/Jx3-L, delivering 1.9DMIPS/MHz with memory up to 1MB with USB support, is suitable to enable these modern, connected personal healthcare devices, of which the software requirement continues to increase but has to be powered by the battery with the same capacity.


Continua Certified Demo Platform for V850 MCU

V850 Diagram

Problems with traditional MCU in portable design with growing software

V850 Diagram

V850ES/Jx3-L is at the sweet spot of higher performance, large memory and low power


Lamprey Networks



Renesas partnered with Lamprey Network to implement this solution. Lamprey Network has developed the reference code for Continua Alliance and has tremendous experience in implementation and certification of a Continua product. Their software can easily target and generate medical device specification software, producing a fast time-to-market solution in today’s fast moving market.

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