High speed USB even for embedded systems USB3.0 Host Driver

Uquest, Ltd.

This is a demonstration to introduce the USB host driver, “MatrixQuestUSB3.0/host compliant with USB3.0 SuperSpeed. The Hitachi ULSI Solution Engine G1 (RZ/G1M built-in) operated by T-Kernel (T-Kernel 2.0) is used as the platform.
It shows that connecting to the USB memory compliant for USB3.0 SuperSpeed, and how the sample program that performs file reading and writing access operates.
The writing transfer rate is 93Mbit/sec, and the reading is 562Mbit/sec. However, this performance is close to the limit of the USB memory being used.

By adopting SuperSpeed USB3.0, you can achieve high speed interface for multi-channel applications that need high bandwidth, medical devices, and equipment handling high-definition images, such as surveillance cameras.

Uquest has traditionally supplied USB2.0 compliant middleware such as R-Car, RX, RZ, SuperH and V850. However, now the long awaited USB3.0 compliant middleware has been released.

In addition to the mass storage class conducted in this demo, we also have rich experiences dealing with standard device class such as CDC, HID, audio and SIC, as well as proprietary devices such as transmission modems.

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Added on 2018-05-11