Next-generation applications and security framework for Renesas R-Car H3, M3 or RZ/G

Osaka NDS Co., Ltd.

Osaka NDS introduces an application store demo that has been developed independently by using the additional features of the OTA application, in a secure execution environment that uses Linux(AGL) for vehicle use.

By adding the OTA function to AGL’s secure application execution framework "Application & Security Framework", additional application installation from the internet has been realized.

The multi-layer security functions provided by the “Application & Security Framework” (Signatures, Cynara, SMACK) protects the system safely even against the new security risks brought by OTA.

For the evaluation board a Renesas “R-Car Starter Kit Pro”, is used, while Linux (AGL) is used for the OS.

In Osaka NDS Co., Ltd., we provide the necessary functions for “Application & Security Framework” development, such as the network and data base function used to start application development.

Added on 2018-05-11