Next-Generation Industrial Network Solution

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Renesas provides diverse industrial network solutions dealing with various industrial Ethernet communications, and continues to contribute to realize the sophisticated next-generation manufacturing industry "Industry 4.0", one that fully utilizes IT.
In this demonstration, we can see Renesas' latest industrial network solution.

  1. Demonstration of redundant network function using RZ/N1
    RZ/N1, a microcomputer dedicated to communication control by Renesas, supports major industrial network protocols and redundant network protocols on a single chip.
    In this demonstration, we observe how RZ/N1 builds a redundant network, causes no downtime even when an issue occurs on one of the two network cables, and allows communication to continue without problem.
  2. Demonstration of time synchronization by TSN
    Existing industrial networks can be interconnected by the TSN standard.
    In this demonstration, we can see that the time synchronization can be performed accurately even when there is a large amount of traffics of various communication standards, thus the benefit of the TSN standard could be confirmed.
Added on 2018-05-11